You choose, its up to you.

I read a story many years ago about a man who walked away from his gold mine, simply quit on it. When he died,  his heirs sold it for whatever they could get. The new owners on inspection of what they had bought, found it in the same state it which was left.  There was even a pick still embedded in the rock face, rusted as it was, which reminded them of what had happened. On removal of the pick, some of the rock face fell away and revealed the mother load the old prospector had hoped for. If we give up on something because we give up we can ultimately miss out on the “mother load” in life. Don’t give up.

If you do not make any changes in your life, what will it look like 2 years from now? If you feel you want more, then something needs to change. Let’s face it, I am sure you deserve more.

Embrace the change and flourish in the results. It takes the smallest of change to result in huge rewards.

Often the reason people fail to gather momentum is because they fail to start. I am sure you have heard this before. If you were to put a metre thick concrete wall in front of a freight train travelling at 100 KPH, what happens? It smashes through it. However, put 6 cm chocks in front of it standing still and it can’t get going.  It is the momentum that carries it through.

Let’s get some momentum happening! It does not take long for 2 years to go by and whether you invest some of your spare time each week now or not you will be 2 years older in 2 years time.  So make the next 2 years provide everything the past years haven’t. We have the plan, the blueprint if you like.  All you need to do is commit to working a proven plan and reap the rewards.  Amazing things will happen.

There will be people who accept this challenge and they will succeed, the only question is, will you be one of them or will you be one who says “I wish I had”? The choice is yours.

I look forward to hearing from all of you who choose to take advantage of the great system we have in store for you.  Let’s create momentum together.

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