Why do we need a “WHY”?

We often hear that we need a “WHY”, a powerful “WHY”, but what does this mean? Does it really possess the magic that some people seem to rant about? The answer is yes, without a doubt our “WHY” is our fuel and our motivation. The key is to understand what our real “WHY” is. Ever heard of the “5 WHYS”? This is a simple principle for discovering the true reason we do something. Let’s take[…]

You choose, its up to you.

I read a story many years ago about a man who walked away from his gold mine, simply quit on it. When he died,  his heirs sold it for whatever they could get. The new owners on inspection of what they had bought, found it in the same state it which was left.  There was even a pick still embedded in the rock face, rusted as it was, which reminded them of what had happened. On[…]

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